Monday, December 28, 2009

A way to work with SoftIce on XP SP3 through VMware

Hi to all,
after a couple of month I return to write on my blog...

This time I want to provide you a very usefull pack with everything needed to work with SoftIce on XP SP3 through VMware.

Follow these steps:

1. Copy compuware.dat to your C:\windows\system32\drivers folder;

2. Start Autorun.exe and while you are installing, You use the serial: 7888-5842DD-DD ( you can also use the keygen provided with this pack ) ;

3. When you must choose for option 14-day trial or select the file license, choose the file license, don't choose 14-daytrial!
Make the path to : C:\windows\system32\drivers\compuware.dat
Finish the installation;

4. Restart;

5. Copy OSINFO.DAT to your C:\windows\system32\drivers folder and overwrite if it exists;

6. Disable DEP by modifying c:\boot.ini


7. Modify *.vmx:

svga.maxFullscreenRefreshTick = 5
vmmouse.present = "FALSE"

8. Copy dbghelp.dll and symsrv.dll to C:\Programmi\Compuware\DriverStudio [or DriverSuite]\Softice\SymbolRetriever directory and overwrite if them exist;

Now run SIce and it'll work [ hopefully ;) ] fine on NT and XP on VMware.

Here the link to download the Pack: SIce Pack

Thx to all ExeTool's Member but a special thx for WhoCares!!!

Sorry for my bad English. :P

Bye, see you to the next post =)


  1. Last 2 days I was pulling my hair to figure-out on how to run SICE on Vmware... Though this post is almost 2 years old, I found your post timely. This was a wonderful explanation. I can go to bed peacefully ;-) Thank you very much for your post and share.

    Kind regards,

  2. Thanks it helped me a lot!