Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just another MSN’s fake address

Hi all

another fake address I have discovered these days. It's of the same family of my first previous post regard this field.

The address today is:

The behaviour is the same of the previous contacts analyzed other times. Let's go to see a chat form:

As you can see after a couple of messages, the contact invites the victim to go to an address to see the pseudo-girlfriend in cam, after that the victim has accepted one invite. The link sended by the fake account is:
This link redirects the victim at a main URL where the fraud acts: This URL is presents also in Personal Message form.

As you can understand the page is the same of the other fake accounts of the previous analysis, as it had announced. Here a screenshot:

To the right there is a form to chat with the girl. So, typing " Hi! ", you recive immediately an error which says: Error: You must complete age verification process to communicate with this member. Click here to verify your age!

The link "Click here to verify your age!" acts as a fake age verify, because it serves to accept the invite

infact clicking it we'll redirect to this page:

Scroll down and you can see a classic registation form, which asks you Name, Surname, E-Mail, etc...

Here the screenshot regards the credit fraud:

So friends, this is all! Block and delete this address and similar!

See you in the next post. Bye. =)

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